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Report: NBA 2K League Regular Season Remote Play Draws Nearer

The start of the NBA 2K League season, currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, may be drawing nearer. An article on Monumental Sports & Entertainment’s virtual broadcasts quoted Zach Leonsis, MSE’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and the GM of Monumental Sports Network, on the start of the NBA 2K League season: “The NBA 2K League is about to begin remote play for their regular season closer to the end of this month,” Leonsis said. “I think they’re going to be

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Who is Shuttles? Q&A with the NetsGC Center

After the NBA 2K League season three entry draft, I linked up with NetsGC protected center Shuttles. The goal? Get to know him, pick his brain on a few things, and find out what we can expect this upcoming season. Our conversation was fun and eye opening at the same time. For those that don’t know, who is Shuttles? From the outside, I think people think of me as kind of a quiet guy. Someone who doesn’t say much, but that usually comes with you know who I am as a person, so I’m as nonchalant as

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Mavs Gaming Star Dimez Inks Deal to Become Hyper X Heroes Ambassador

Two days before the season three NBA 2K League draft, Hyper X made a pick of its own when it announced that Mavs Gaming star Dimez would be joining the Hyper X Heroes Ambassador Program. A connection between the first overall pick in the inaugural season of the NBA 2K League and the company that manufactures the only headset you’ve ever seen him wear in the league was, seemingly, a matter of time. Dimez’s stick skills and desire to win are unquestioned, and being the league’s inaugural top pick

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Mavs Gaming Announces Partnership with DUDE Wipes

Mavs Gaming has partnered with DUDE Wipes in a deal that makes DUDE Wipes the team’s jersey patch partner for the 2020 season, the team announced Tuesday. With every parent NBA team enjoying revenue from having a company advertising patch on their jerseys, Mark Cuban decided to hop into the fray with a slightly different approach. Last season, Mavs Gaming featured Mavericks jersey-patch partner 5Miles on their uniforms, but the partnership concluded after the NBA 2K League season, leaving the M

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LSUE Partners with NBA 2K League and Geekletes to Jumpstart Esports Program

While esports talent is slowly becoming a viable goal in terms of possible professions in the United States, what about the executive, administration or creative side of the business? Louisiana State University will hold a two-day symposium and masterclass on February 13-14 in partnership with the NBA 2K League at its Eunice, Louisiana, campus, featuring talks from Tricia Sugita, CEO of FlyQuest; Keisha Howard, founder of Sugar Gamers; two-year NBA 2K League veteran Chris “KontruL” Cantrell; an

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Getting to Know Kris “iinSaniTTy” Dellarciprete, Head Coach of Lakers Gaming

Lakers Gaming announced in late November that Kris Dellarciprete, who formerly played for Pistons GT under the gamertag iiNsaniTTy, will become the franchise’s first designated head coach in the 2020 season. I linked up with the rookie coach in order for the community, as well as myself, to get to know him on a more personal level. Editor’s note: this interview has been lightly edited for grammar and style purposes. Some people define “insanity” as doing the same thing over and over again but

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